BALLISTIC OVERKILL PvP Class-based Shooter Available Now on Steam

BALLISTIC OVERKILL PvP Class-based Shooter Available Now on Steam

Indie FPS Ballistic Overkill rushes into Steam bringing the best from Call of Duty and Overwatch in its heart

Porto Alegre – Aquiris Game Studio is proud to announce that Ballistic Overkill, their fast-paced PvP shooter, is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. The main drive of the game is to set players to compete and specialize in their own gameplay style using one of the seven classes available. The project has undergone a 2 year development process in which a passionate and committed community was key to create a balanced PvP experience. Last but not least, accessibility has always been one of the pillars of Ballistic Overkill, available at a really affordable price (USD 11.99), it is very much optimized for low-spec rigs and offers a solid set of features, with several enhancements planned to come in the following months.

BALLISTIC OVERKILL PvP Class-based Shooter Available Now on Steam

Key Features:
  • OVER 80 WEAPONS. From pistols, grenade launchers, SMGs, sniper rifles, katanas, etc.
  • 7 CLASSES. Each with its particular skills, strengths and weaknesses.
  • 10 MAPS. A museum, a corporate park, a mall and even an abandoned hospital and factory, Ballistic Overkill covers a wide variety of locations in its 10 maps. They come in all sizes, but all of them have their own atmosphere, personality and a design that makes them unique to play on.
  • 4 GAME MODES. All maps have multiple game modes available: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Capture Point, King of the Hill.
  • STEAM MARKET INTEGRATION. With over 80 weapons ingame, there’s always a new way to kill your enemies in Ballistic Overkill. But even better, all weapons have droppable skins that you can trade and/or sell through the Steam Market system. Every couple of months, the drop Season changes, allowing players to drop different skins and seek different accessories.
  • CUSTOM PRIVATE SERVER CREATION. Players can create their own servers, choose a map and game mode and invite their friends to play.

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“Ballistic Overkill showcases a class-based gameplay with the smallest of entry barriers. A sleek, modern design mixed with traditional mechanics found in games like CoD and Overwatch, heavily focused on accuracy and good reflexes. Our intent to merge the best characteristics of those 2 great subgenres permits that any FPS fan immediate familiarization that lets them have fun instantly.” – Sandro Manfredini, Business Director.

Watch the Ballistic Overkill Launch Trailer:

Ballistic Overkill is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.