Awesomenauts Skree Theme Video Released

Developer Ronimo Games has released a new Awesomenauts  Skree theme video.

Awesomenauts Skree

Here is a description of Skree:

Skree of the Assassin Class, is the powerful but superstitious techno shaman who found himself all alone on an abandoned space station: the Starstorm, filled with mighty looking robots. Thinking the disabled robots were gods, he spent his time collecting different parts of the battle station to create shrines for them. While connecting robot parts and machine scraps to form huge robotic statues and altars, he accidentally activated the mainframe of the Starstorm, re-powering the entire battle station! Frightened by his now activated robotic gods, Skree decided he didn’t want to worship them anymore. What better way to travel the universe in search of new spirit-gods, than to join the Awesomenauts?

When Skree positions his board on the ground, he becomes invisible for several seconds. Then the board rushes straight back to him, damaging everything in its way.

Take a look at the new Skree Theme video below:

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Source: RonimoGames