Atari Unveils Survival Horror Games at PAX Prime 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting with Atari’s Senior Product Lead, Peter Banks, today at PAX Prime, where two new survival horror games were revealed.
Alone in the Dark Gaming Cypher 3
Here is the official press release: New York, NY and Seattle, WA  PAX Prime  August 31, 2014  Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, today announced details for the upcoming release of re-imagined classic survival horror-genre titles, Alone in the DarkIllumination and Haunted House: Cryptic Graves. Available in Fall 2014, thegames will feature a mix of new twists, storylines and gameplay to give players a frighteningnew experience. Fans and gaming enthusiasts can get a sneak peek at the upcoming PC releases by watching the teaser trailers for both Alone in the Dark: Illumination and Haunted House: Cryptic Graves.
“Atari was at the forefront of the survival horror game genre, with both Haunted House and Alone in the Dark shaping the category throughout the 80s and 90s,” said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari. “The modern and updated versions of these games will resonatewith enthusiasts of the classics worldwide, and engage new fans through suspenseful, action-packed PC gameplay.” 
Largely recognized as the “Father of the Survival Horror Genre,” the original 1992 Alone in the Dark title became an instant classic as it forged its way as a leader in the 3D PC games categoryThe new PC edition, Alone in the Dark: Illumination, takes the survival horror genre to the next level with new features, including the power of illumination and a cooperative multiplayer mode. To survive, players must fight through challenging missions and dynamicenvironments filled with blood-thirsty beasts in order to rid an abandoned town of its mysteriouscurse of Darkness, and free fellow playable hero characters including the Hunter, Witch,Engineer and Priest  each armed with a unique set of special abilities and weapons.  The upcoming PC version of Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is a terrifying, first-person single-player adventure-horror game filled with cryptic puzzles, supernatural entities and paranormal activity. Gifted with psychic abilities, players must use their unique powers to purgethe spirits and monsters that infest the Abbadon Grange estate. For example, players cancommunicate with the dead to decipher puzzles and avoid deadly traps, and use additionalpowers to craft objects that eradicate gruesome ghosts. The original 1982 Haunted House titleis also recognized as one of the earliest pioneers in the horror-adventure genre.

Here are some Alone in the Dark screenshots:

Pure FPS, a new game development studio is developing Alone in the Dark: Illumination for PC. Haunted House: Cryptic Graves for PC is being developed by Dreampainters, the seasoned team behind the critically acclaimed survival horror game, Anna. 

Take a look at the Alone in the Dark trailer:

Here are new Haunted House: Cryptic Graves screens:

And, here is the Haunted House: Cryptic Graves trailer:

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Source: Press Release and Official Website