Asus to Release a 4K 30.5-Inch Monitor in the US in June

ASUS will release a 4K, 30.5 inch monitor in the US in June that is ‘perfect for professionals, gamers, and people with too much money.’

In accordance with ASUS, “The PQ321 has a DisplayPort for hooking up with most PCs and modern Macs, and in the US at least will come with dual HDMI ports.”

The monitor will be able “to combine two inputs at the same time to offer picture-by-picture support. Although it’s unlikely to be supported by current-generation MacBooks and ultrabooks, the next wave of laptops should include Intel’s new built-in HD Graphics 5000, which offers 4K resolution support and can output via DisplayPort 1.2, a newer standard that supports higher resolutions.”

ASUS says that it will be popular with PC gamers. “Enthusiasts who have dual, triple, or quad GPU” configurations may also “find it more suited to their needs” than using multiple monitors.”

Asus will be showing off the PQ321, along with a larger 39-inch model, at Computex next week. A price has not been revealed yet.

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