astragon’s TransOcean 2: Rivals to Set Sail May 11

astragon's TransOcean 2: Rivals to Set Sail May 11

Moenchengladbach/Germany, May 2, 2016 – No matter if they are experienced sea-dogs or snappy young businessmen, fans of maritime economic strategy simulations can be looking forward to raise their anchors with TransOcean 2: Rivals on May 11, 2016. Be it in the game’s single-player mode versus clever AI opponents or in the online multiplayer mode against up to seven real-life rivals –TransOcean 2: Rivals will offer challenges aplenty to all high sea logistics entrepreneurs.

Both the competitive multiplayer mode as well as the gripping single-player campaign of the economic strategy simulation TransOcean 2: Rivals promise players many hours of entertaining gameplay.

One competitive multiplayer mode

Up to eight rivals will be able to compete with one another in the online multiplayer mode of TransOcean 2: Rivals. Each game is divided into several rounds in which the players will have to complete various tasks in order to gain Victory Points. The player who will be able to acquire the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins. Victory Point criteria are always randomly defined, meaning that there will never be an overriding optimum strategy – each game will offer new challenges. The players should therefore employ all their strategic skills to stay ahead of their competition. Do they want to battle for economic dominance in different regions of the world or engage in sabotage activities to damage their rivals?

Three exciting single-player opportunities

The backstory of the single-player campaign neatly ties in with the ending of TransOcean: The Shipping Company. After some golden years, various intrigues by the vindictive investor Lydia Blythe-Smith have forced the successful ship owner to retreat from business. One day, however, an unexpected visitor announces herself at his retirement abode: Heather Witherspoon, the sister of his former advisor Hiram T. Witherspoon. Lydia has succeeded in getting the innocent man locked up in jail! Of course the player does not hesitate one second before plunging right back into the challenging world of international maritime trade in order to earn his friend’s bail.

The single-player campaign will start in North America and lead the player in six gripping chapters with steadily increasing levels of difficulty back to the top of the shipping industry. Throughout the campaign he will not only learn about the diverse gameplay elements and tactics of TransOcean 2: Rivals, but also discover new classes of ships, cargo and harbors. The ideal prerequisite for a successful multiplayer career!

Cunningly acting AI-rivals, new features such as sabotage operations and the thrilling backstory will provide exciting – and tricky – entertainment. A motivating medal system will inspire players to keep starting new game sessions in order to reach their optimum performance in each chapter.

In the Competition mode the game’s AI will adopt the part of the multiplayer mode’s human competitors. Every round will offer exciting victory conditions, that will keep combining into constantly new fields of activity and whose completion will be awarded with valuable Victory points. Besides a keen sense for timing and economic interrelationships, clever tricks such as acts of sabotage should be part of the player’s repertoire. The length of the game session and the number of enemy AI players (1 to 7) will be freely selectable. The Competition mode will therefore be not only great fun for single players but will also be ideally suited for those who would like to train different tactics for their next multiplayer challenge.

The Endless mode on the other hand will operate completely without any kind of constraints: Here ship owners will be able to manage their business to their heart’s content and work on growing it into their very own ocean carrier empire without any time limits or quests.

Demanding tasks will however not only be encountered on the open seas: During manual docking and undocking in the single player mode of TransOcean 2: Rivals captains will once more be able to prove their skills at the helm! This mini game which was already popular with fans of the first part of the game will occur randomly whenever the tugboat crews decide to go on strike for better pay.

You can find an overview of all available pre-order offers on the TransOcean 2: Rivals homepage.

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