Assassin’s Creed Pirates to Release for iOS and Android

Unisoft has announced that it will be releasing Assassin’s Creed Pirates for iOS and Android devices on December 5.



The following is the game info, taken directly from the site:

  • Prepare for brutal naval combat. Fight in real-time naval battles and choose between cannons, mortar and swivel guns to destroy your enemies up close and from a distance. Upgrade your vessel with the massive bounty gathered from your prizes or collected from the many treasures you will find. Arm your ship with more cannons for your deck, anew rudder or better sails to take on bigger and more powerful enemies. And with each new crew member you recruit, you’ll acquire new perks to become a better captain!
  • An epic quest for legendary treasure. Follow Alonzo Batilla as he rises through the ranks ofthe fearful pirates of the golden age. Embark on an adventure that will reveal the truth about La Buse’s mysterious treasure. Cross paths with the Templars and the Assassins as they struggle for supremacy and meet the famed figures of the era: Blackbeard,Bellamy and Hornigold. Enrich your journey with dozens of side missions, treasures quests, perks and achievements.
  • Explore the immensity of the Caribbean. As in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the Caribbean seas are your hunting grounds. Sail from harbor to harbor and explore a huge map featuring paradise islands, volcanic shores, mangroves and many more gorgeous landscapes.
  • The new visual standard for mobile. Ubisoft Paris is developing a brand new mobile engineto bring groundbreaking 3D visuals to smartphones and tablets. As you sail those breathtaking moving waters and discover lush islands, keep a watchful eye for the wind cycle and changing weather conditions that will directly impact gameplay!

Are you looking forward to playing?