Assassin’s Creed IV Gives Pirates the ‘HBO Treatment’

Ubisoft gives Assassin Creed 4 pirates the ‘HBO Treatment’ by telling a real, gritty and thoroughly entertaining pirate story, says Ubisoft’s Lead Content Manager, Carsten Myhill. Much like an HBO television series, the team is thinking along the lines of big production value and high drama.

Myhill said: “We have a fantastic opportunity for pirates in video games. Certainly when Assassin’s Creed III naval came out, there was a clamor from the fans for a pirate game. There’s no-doubt that the people want it.”

Myhill added: “But it’s not easy. It takes a very talented team, a lot of experience and great tech. It’s one thing having good naval combat, but combining that with good boarding and land-based gameplay in a seamless way, is hard to do. We’re staying away from cliches. Things like walking the plank, parrots on the shoulder and hooks for hands. We are giving pirates the HBO, reality treatment. And that allows us to redefine piracy in entertainment. No longer is it for kids.”

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