Ascension VR Launches Today

Ascension VR Launches Today

Stone Blade Entertainment in partnership with Temple Gates Games has announced that Ascension VR, the first deckbuilding Virtual Reality experience on the market, is launching today on major VR platforms.

Ascension is a fast-paced deck building game that’s quick to learn and packed with endless hours of replay value. Play online or single player in this VR adaptation of the award winning favorite that will appeal to fans of board games, trading card games and strategy games alike.

Ascension VR Features

  • 52 Heroes, Constructs & Monsters
  • Network Multiplayer across VR platforms
  • Gear & Rift support
  • Single player AI mode
  • Social VR features: spatialized chat, lip and animation sync

Ascension VR is a fully social virtual game. The beta hosted players from around the world, discussing strategy and goofing off while they played together in one space. Now you can play with friends online no matter where they live.

You can now find Ascension VR for $9.99 via Steam and the Oculus Store.

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