Armajet Launches Mobile Beta Access August 18th

Armajet Launches Mobile Beta Access August 18th

“The Armajet preview was incredibly well-received by both the press and mobile gaming community. We listened to the feedback, made our roadmap public and delivered on our promise of supporting players with the new Beta features. As game developers, we’re thrilled to shape the future of the game alongside our already passionate community,” said Nicola Geretti, Super Bit Machine Co-Founder.

The Armajet Beta will feature many community requested feature updates:

  • In-App Friend list
  • Clans
  • Player & Clan Leaderboards
  • Bounties
  • New Round Summary Stats
  • New Advanced Profile Stats
  • ELO-rating style Global ranking
  • Fullscreen iPad Support
  • In-game Emojis
  • New Weapons, Perks, Badges
  • Capture The Flag mode
  • Updated Game Balancing

Armajet Beta requests will be available to anyone with an eligible iOS or Android phone or tablet by signing up at: Players who are granted access to the closed Beta can download it for free starting Thursday, August 18th, 2016.

“Our goal with Armajet is to provide a competitive, action packed experience in digestible four-minute game sessions on any touchscreen device, with a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The Beta build of the Super Bit Machine Platform delivers an unparalleled esports ready experience for all major mobile markets,” stated Alexander Krivicich, Super Bit Machine Co-Founder.

Here is the Armajet Alpha Launch Trailer:

Armajet delivers cross-platform, low-latency gameplay running at a native 1080p/60. To request free early-access go to, sign up for the Beta to receive a notification e-mail when the game is available to download.