ARK Reveals 1st Screenshot from Survival of the Fittest Battle Mode

ARK Reveals 1st Screenshot from Survival of the Fittest Battle Mode

This Saturday, Studio Wildcard will unveil “Survival of the Fittest” (SotF), a new mode in ARK: Survival Evolved. This “Hunger Games”-style competitive mode features brutal combat in a player versus player blood-fest. To pique your excitement, we have revealed the first in-game SotF screenshot showing how players start the match by beaming into a custom battle arena. The “Survival of the Fittest” mode will be available to all ARK players on Steam in mid-August.

Live on Twitch this Saturday, the new combat mode will debut featuring 35 teams (with legendary Twitch streamers Lirik, Fairlight, CohhCarnage, GoldGlove, Shroomz, selvek, and more) in a five-hour fight to the death as they prepare to survive against the toughest online players. What would you do in that instant — Grab weapons and run? Immediately fight the nearest combatant? Or bolt into the forest and hope to survive? In the end, there will only be one team left standing to claim dominance and win the Grand Prize of $20,000.

The entire event will be shot from a roving camera, capturing individual battles and showcasing Evolutionary Events that force competitors closer together by shrinking the battlefield and unleashing one of many world altering events that occur every 30 minutes, including freak weather, dinosaur attacks, or supply drops. Which of these events occur depends entirely on the Twitch audience vote.

In celebration of the event, Steam is running a Weekend Sale where ARK will be 20% off.

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