Angry Birds Fight! Has Launched Worldwide for Mobile Devices

Angry Birds Fight! Has Launched for Mobile Devices


Rovio’s first Angry Birds cultural mash-up migrates west to celebrate all things Japanese

Espoo, Finland, 11th June 2015Rovio brings players in the West a touch of the East with the worldwide launch of Angry Birds Fight!, an action-packed Match-3 puzzler featuring RPG elements, colorful visuals and the first Angry Birds title to fully integrate real-time player vs player gameplay.

Angry Birds Fight! is the first cultural mash-up game within the Angry Birds brand and fuses together elements of Japanese culture with the classic Angry Birds characters. The game, developed in collaboration with KITERETSU Inc. in Japan, was first released in Asia Pacific in May 2015 and has been downloaded over 3 million times since.

“We’re thrilled to bring Angry Birds Fight!, the very first Rovio title developed entirely in Japan, to the rest of the world,” said Katsumi Oikawa, Japan Country Director at Rovio. “We’ve dedicated a lot of time to developing a game that is tailored to those who are fans of Japanese culture, RPG and player vs player battles and we really hope fans worldwide enjoy the first Angry Birds game that champions these features. ”

Angry Birds Fight! Has Launched Worldwide for Mobile Devices

Angry Birds Fight!, the latest cultural mash-up of 2015 can be enjoyed by anyone in the world regardless of gender, nationality or ages. We’re thrilled to be part of bringing the worlds of Angry Birds and Japanese style game design together.’ says KITERETSU inc. President & Founder – Masanori Kusakabe.

Fighters start the game with a race against the clock to match as many panels as possible to power up birds for the fight against other players around the world. They can then equip themselves with the ultimate battle tools to get the edge when they come under attack. It’s fight or flight as players can also explore uncharted islands where they face unexpected battles with rogue challengers, and have to battle to stay in the game!

Here is the official trailer:

You can now download Angry Birds Fight! for the ultimate battle experience.

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