Analogue Nt NES Pre-Order Available for $500

Analogue is now taking pre-orders for the Analogue Nt NES at $500, which plays original NES as well as Famicon game cartridges.

The colors come in Classic ($0), or Black, Pink, Blue or Red for an additional $49. You can also get the HDMI Adapter (exclusive pre-order price of $49), which outputs 1080p or 720p perserving the original aspect ratio. It even has a built in scanline generator for that retro CRT feel.

HDMI Adapter

Original Nintendo Hardware

The Analogue Nt is designed around the heart and brain of the original NES. The Ricoh 20A3 and Ricoh 2C02 – the identical CPU and PPU used in the original. Unlike the knock off and emulation systems that riddle the market today, the Analogue Nt is the only NES on the market that is built with original hardware. This means you’ll be experiencing the NES with the hardware it was designed to be played with. Free of any compromises.



OEM NES Controller (Brand New) – $49.00 (Refurbished) $29.00

OEM NES Controller (Brand New)



OEM NES Controller (refurbished) – $29.00

OEM Famicon Controller (refurbished)



You can pre-order the Analogue Nt Classic NES right here.

Source: Times