An Actual Fun Math Android Game ZEROES Launches Today

An Actual Fun Math Android Game ZEROES Launches Today

Developer Petr Marek from the Czech Repubic has announced that his new Android game, Zeroes, has launched today.

Zeroes is puzzle game about mathematics for smartphones and tablets with Android. It is completely free, no purchases, no microtransactions. The goal of Zeroes is to place blocks with mathematical operations, such as +1; -2; x5; between dots with numbers. Players must place blocks cleverly in order to calculate zero in every dot after applying mathematical operations. It is necessary to combine these blocks.

Here are the new screenshots:

And, take a look at the launch trailer:

About Petr Marek:

An Actual Fun Math Android Game ZEROES Launches Today
Petr Marek

Petr studied informatics at CTU in Prague, which is why he meets math every day. He is also a scoutmaster in the Žatec scout centre, where he come from. Petr started with the creation of games when he got to high school. It was six years ago. He and his friends created games under the name “Peord games.” So far they created six freeware PC games as well as participated in two local indie game competitions. They won one. Cooperation within Peord games became complicated after entering college, mainly because of lack of time. That’s why Petr created the Android game engine by himself for text games called Tell Me Adventure. Zeroes is his second solo project.

You can download Zeroes on Google Play right now.

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