ALLIANS Online Card Game Now on Kickstarter

ALLIANS Online Card Game Now on Kickstarter

Swedish developer Claimony has announced that their digital collectible card game, Allians, is now live on Kickstarter and are looking for your support.

Allians is a breakthrough in the evolution of digital card games. Unlike any other CCG, the cards represent real people – meaning you and your friends can become playable collector’s cards! Card strengths are based on the players achievements in external gaming platforms like Steam as well as progression in Allians itself. This means that you, and all participating players out there, are the ever-evolving characters in this free-to-play game developed for Android, iOS and Steam.

ALLIANS Online Card Game Now on Kickstarter

About the Allians Kickstarter

In a game so dependent on player involvement, launching a Kickstarter is a natural step in the making of Allians.

“We have a helpful community built on achievement hunting and user centered development. Making a game together with them through Kickstarter is an interesting experience, especially when we get a chance to innovate with game mechanics and, above all, the whole concept of what it means to be a player”, says Eric Gulve, Community Manager.

Backers of Allians will receive a variety of card packs to boost their collection, gain alpha and beta access, get to play against founders, unlock special backer skills and much more.

You can help support Allians on Kickstarter right now.

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