All-Star Chris Paul & InnoVision Labs Launch Game Vision By Chris Paul App

All-Star Chris Paul & InnoVision Labs Launch Game Vision By Chris Paul App

LOS ANGELES, March 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Nine-time professional All-Star point guard Chris Paul and InnoVision Labs, a neuroscience technology company focused on enhancing image processing functions in the human vision system, announced today the launch of the Game Vision by Chris Paul app. The app, available on iPhone/Android platforms, was created for little-league, high-school, college, adult and professional athletes who play basketball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer, ice-hockey and other sports that require swift image processing speed. The app helps these athletes to improve their sports vision, which is critical for on-court and on-field performance.

The typical reaction of an athlete to a given event is divided into three sequential activities: (1) visual processing of the event, (2) decision making based on the visual interpretation, and (3) motoric reaction. Enhancement of the speed of visual processing shortens the overall reaction time, and may free additional time to make optimal decisions. Any improvement in image processing speed can be critical for on-court and on-field performance and is expected to provide athletes with a unique competitive edge. InnoVision Labs’ technology was designed to improve fundamental image processing speed of athletes by up to 2x.

All-Star Chris Paul & InnoVision Labs Launch Game Vision By Chris Paul App

The Game Vision by Chris Paul app uses patented and proprietary neuroscience technology developed by InnoVision Labs’ team of neuroscientists and game logic themes designed by a team of mobile game experts, in partnership with Chris Paul. The scientific module, which is the core element in the app, was designed with specific emphasis on boosting the brain’s image processing speed, depth perception, vision sharpness and contrast sensitivity through unique mobile game challenges which contain specific game elements and logic interpreted by a scientific algorithm.  In a recent study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports in 2015, young subjects with 20/20 vision who used the InnoVision Lab’s technology nearly doubled their image processing speed. In several additional scientific studies by InnoVision Labs, the technology has been proven to significantly improve the vision performance of Air Force fighter pilots and professional athletes, and this technology is available for the first time to young aspiring basketball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer and ice-hockey players.

All-Star Chris Paul said: “I am proud to be a part of this groundbreaking app that will help basketball players and athletes of all ages and all levels unlock their true potential. For an athlete, visual agility and sports vision training is just as important to physical training and practicing. Vision training is key to becoming an elite athlete as it helps you see the game faster than your competition. This new technology can be a game-changer for athletes seeking to make quicker, better decisions and gain competitive advantage.”

All-Star Chris Paul & InnoVision Labs Launch Game Vision By Chris Paul App

Nimrod Madar, CEO of InnoVision Labs said:  “We are delighted to partner up with a world-class sports icon for this pioneering game. We believe our technology can help the next generation of young athletes improve their sports performance by enhancing image-processing abilities. This high-end app is available as a free download, and the availability on multiple mobile devices platforms makes it accessible to hundreds of millions that play basketball, baseball, football, tennis, ice-hockey and other sports around the globe.

About Chris Paul:

Chris Paul is an American professional basketball player. The face of his Los Angeles franchise, on the court, he’s a force to be reckoned with and a fierce competitor.  A two time gold medalist and nine-time All-Star, Paul is also a perennial leader in the assists and steals category and one of the most heralded point guards in the game. Off the court, he’s a father, a husband, and a compassionate philanthropist. Paul, or CP3, as fans affectionately call him, is building a robust brand and making a huge difference in his community, all while creating a powerful legacy.

About InnoVision Labs:

InnoVision Labs Inc. (OTCBB: INVS) is public, a visual neuroscience technology company, utilizing patented technology to develop and commercialize consumer-oriented software applications. The Company is developing and commercializing next generation vision performance applications. InnoVision Labs has developed a proprietary, patent protected neuroscience technology platform to improve vision performance through brain exercise, by improving the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain.

Here is the official Chris Paul’s Game Vision trailer:

Chris Paul’s Game Vision is available at the App Store and Google Play.