Alienware Awesome Cup Season 2 Trailer

Developer Ronimo Games has announced the Alienware Awesome Cup Season 2, which will begin April 4th.

Alienware Awesome Cup Season 2 Trailer

The awesome Alienware Alpha units of course return for the top finishers of the final event. The Alpha is a computer designed run as console, giving you easy access to play all of your Steam games from your sofa on a bigger screen.

1st place 3x Alienware Alphas + $1,800 USD
2nd place 3x Alienware Alphas + $900 USD
3rd place $900 USD
4th place $450 USD

Furthermore, by finishing first, second or third, you will get exclusive Alienware gold, silveror bronze badges! These will be listed next to your nickname in Awesomenauts and there is no other way to get them than to finish top three of Awesome Cup.

Take a look at the announcement trailer:

For more information and sign ups head over to the official website.

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Source: RonimoGames