Albion Online State of the Game Progress Report


Albion Online State of the Game Progress Report

Today Sandbox Interactive published the latest development progress report for their upcoming cross-platform medieval sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, scheduled to enter Closed Beta on 23rd of November. The developer blog post rounds up the latest features and improvements made throughout October, which are explained in more depth by Sandbox Interactive Art Director Marcus Koch and Game Director Robin Henkys.

To name a few of the most notable gameplay improvements:

  • Removal of crafting costs
  • Rebalancing of the farming and consumable system
  • Improved combat experience, including the introduction of the new Quarterstaff weapon
  • Enhanced animations and sounds
  • Destiny Board overhaul

As for the visual side of the game, in addition to the new animated login screen introducing the character into the world of Albion, the developers produced new characters and a bunch of new icons. After overhauling some of the systems and adding new content into the game, icons were the main focus for Albion’s art department.

You can read the full details on the official website.

Players can participate in Albion Online’s Closed Beta by becoming a Founder.

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