Albion Online Releases Creating A New World Video

Albion Online Releases Creating A New World Video

Using a mixture of in game and in house footage, Sandbox Interactive’s latest video takes a look at the creation of the New World

Berlin – May 12, 2016 – Creative Director Jörg Friedrich, Art Director Marcus Koch and Level Designer Max Mellhage of Sandbox Interactive show the progress made on the completely revamped map of Albion Online, which will be implemented in the sandbox-MMORPG this summer.

Recognizing the need to further enhance the game world both in terms of size and uniqueness, the team has now grown enough to start implementing a bigger vision of the game. This entails the creation of a whole new world with five unique biomes: Forest, Highland, Mountains, Steppe and Swamp. Each environment will have individual flora and fauna, and specific resources linked to it.

The world will consist of different continents. Whereas the Royal continents will be a fairly safe zone for adventurers to roam the land, the Lawless continent will cater more towards hardcore PvP-players. Here, guilds will fight for their own piece of land and no rules apply.

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Take a look at the Albion Online Creating a New World video:

Albion Online is a cross-platform medieval style sandbox MMO. The MMO offers players an extensive character customization system with no class restrictions, a completely player-driven economy and dynamic PvP battles. The action of the open game world revolves around sieging, claiming and defending territories. Albion Online will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android in 2016.

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