Albion Online New Laborers Highlight Video

Albion Online New Laborers Highlight Video

With less than three weeks left before the Closed Beta of the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive shared a new video showcasing one of the latest features in the game – hirable resource gatherers called “Laborers.”

Along with the video, the developer has published a blog post explaining the Laborers system in more depth.

Since nearly everything that players build or craft requires some kind of resource, the gathering process plays a crucial role in Albion’s heavily player-driven economy. The newly introduced non player characters, Labourers, not only help players with resource collection, they bring a purpose to the whole housing concept.

There are a few types of Laborers including gatherers, crafters and a mercenary available to choose from according to one’s playstyle. After settling labourers in either a house or a guild hall, players acquire from them a profession-related journal in order to fill it in with notes for labourers to follow while performing their tasks. The more tasks laborers finish, the more proficient they become, which in turn means they become more demanding. In order to keep them content, players need to provide them with appropriate furniture and house decorations. Afterall, a happy laborer is a productive one!

Players can participate in Albion Online’s Closed Beta by becoming a Founder.

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