Albion Online New gamescom 2015 Details and Screenshots

Albion Online New gamescom 2015 Details and Screenshots

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Sandbox Interactive, developers of sandbox MMORPG Albion Online at gamescom 2015.

Here are the key features:

  • Player Driven Economy – Collect & Craft, Transport & Trade, Farm & Fight. Thanks to Albion Online’s player driven economy, the world of Albion is entirely built by the players within. All items and buildings are crafted by players, towns and villages are formed and trade routes established. There is no one path through the game, it is the players who path their way through it, while possibilities remain limitless.
  • You-Are-What-You-Wear – There are no classes in Albion Online, players can unlock the abilities to equip their characters with whatever items they wish. One day a warrior with heavy armor, sword and shield, the same character may be a master craftsman, equiped with precious crafting tools the next day. You-Are-What-You-Wear means no restrictions to what a character can be or learn.
  • Many Roles To Play – Albion Online is a role play game in its truest sense: Fight your way to fame and honour as a ferocious soldier, live in peace and prosperity as a farmer, become famous as the world’s greatest armorsmith or constantly live on the edge as a diplomat or master-spy for your guild – the player driven world of Albion offers fun and opportunities for all players and playing styles.
  • GvG territorial warfare – In Albion Online, players can join powerful guilds that fight each other over territories. Guilds can form their empire by conquering the land of Albion from others, which allows them to build new cities and villages, harvest precious resources and defend themselves against the wilderness and unwanted invaders. In the form of 5-vs-5 PvP fights, guilds will fight for dominance of Albion in battles determined by strategy, preparation and skill.
  • Full-Loot PvP – In the world of Albion, the winner takes it all. Players can fight against other players in Albion’s dedicated full-PvP zones for the ultimate prize: The victorious character may take all(!) belongings carried by the defeated. The stakes have never been higher, when „death“ is actually a meaningful thing in an MMO and a player is constantly at risk of losing everything.
  • Cross-PlatformAlbion Online offers a truly cross-platform MMO experience, being available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Players can login with any of their devices from wherever they want to join the one-and-only world of Albion with their same account and character. A seamless gameplay experience for the modern multi-device gamer.
  • Free-to-Play – Everyone can join Albion Online for free (upon official release), there is no mandatory subscription, purchase prize, etc. Players can be successful within the world of Albion without spending any money – although buying a premium account offers certain advantages. The in-game currency „Silver“ cannot be purchased with real money. Real money buys „Gold“ which can be used to purchase premium accounts and vanity items. By exchanging Silver for other players‘ Gold at special player markets, players can get their premium accounts entirely for free.

Take a look at several new screenshots:

Sandbox Interactive has now announced the Closed Beta phase for Albion Online as a next step in the development cycle and published a roadmap with the features and changes to be expected until then.

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