Albion Online Joseph Update Trailer Revealed

Albion Online Joseph Update Trailer Revealed

Berlin, September 21, 2017 – Only one week to go until the first major post-launch update “Joseph” for Albion Online will be released. In a new video trailer, the developers of Sandbox Interactive introduce among other features, the new Arena mode where players compete in teams of five against each other. The winners of the thrilling battles are rewarded with Arena Sigils which can be either redeemed for rewards or traded with others.

How does the Arena work? 

Both teams spawn at separate camps and then need to capture scattered runestones and keep them under control until they are destroyed. Since the opposing team has the same goal intense battles will be fought for the control of the runestones. The objective is to bring the opposing team’s initial score of 150 points down to 0 points by capturing runestones and eliminating them. The team to succeed first, wins.

Everyone can compete in Arena mode, either with friends, guild members or randomly selected teams. The update will introduce Joan, the Arena Master, who is located in every major city. In order to participate in Arena battles, players just have to talk to her or click on the Arena icon to access the Arena menu.

Additional information on the Arena mode can be found on the Albion Online website at the following link:

Take a Look at the Albion Online Joseph Update Trailer:

The Joseph update will be released on September 27, 2017. All details to the expansion are available here:

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