Age of Wonders 3 Gets New Screenshots and Rogue Trailer

Triumph Studios has announced the latest class ‘Rogue Leader’ for Age of Wonders 3 and released new screenshots as well as a video for it.

You can view examples of Rogue Class Units below:

  • Scoundrel – The dirt fighting henchmen of the Rogue with the ability to climb fortifications.
  • Succubus – Corrupted seductress built at cities from one of the main races. Can convert units on the battlefield.
  • Shadow Stalker – Incorporeal monster of elemental darkness. Has protection against physical weapons.

Some Rogue Skill examples:

  • Mass Battlefield Panic – Attempt to panic all enemy units on the battlefield. Units that were not Panicked are Hindered instead. Panicked units don’t obey orders and attempt to flee from enemies or escape the battlefield.
  • Night Wish – The caster’s domain is shrouded in a sinister darkness and becomes unexplored for other players and all units suffer a vision range penalty.
  • Rain of Poison Blades – Rains down armor piercing blades covered in poison.
  • Plague of Brigands – Infiltrates the domain of a target enemy city with brigands that attack everything

Of note: the Rogue Class can be merged with any of the six races and can be further augmented by using specializations leading to additional magical skills.

You can view the new Age of Wonders 3 screenshots below:

And you can view the new Age of Wonders 3 Rogue video below:

You can also check out the Age of Wonders III GDC 2013 gameplay video in case you missed it.

Age of Wonders 3 has been slightly delayed and will now release in March 2014.

Are you looking forward to playing?