Afterfall Insanity – Dirty Arena Edition Available Now on Steam for 25% Off, Trailer

Intoxicate Studios has released the post-apocalyptic version of survival mode from Afterfall Insanity – Extended Edition, and it’s now available as a stand-alone game.

In Afterfall Insanity – Dirty Arena Edition the player has to survive waves of enemies, complete stages of the arena and perform special tasks which will be awarded with achievements. The new mode consists of encounters divided into smaller waves and mini-boss fights, as well as tougher challenges in the form of Boss fights. Between the battles players are able to purchase weapons and ammunition using currency they earned in the Arena.

You can view the Afterfall InSanity Dirty Arena DLC Trailer below:

Key Features:

  • 6 encounters
  • 6 minibosses
  • 3 bossfights
  • No health regeneration
  • Environmental elements can be used to kill enemies
  • Finishing moves raise vitality of main character

The game is now available on Steam for 25% off at $2.99