The Adventures of 00-Dilly My Crash Test Dummy Now on Kickstarter

Developer Light in Jar has announced that The Adventures of 00-Dilly My Crash Test Dummy is now officially on Kickstarter.

The Adventures of 00-Dilly My Crash Test Dummy Now on Kickstarter

00-Dilly is a crash test dummy with no fear, desperate to prove his braveness. He was used in the 1950’s for military tests, but due to a production failure he is “overweight”, and therefore was sorted out early and thrown to the junkyard.

Under mystery circumstances he came to life and now – five decades later – he is back and ready for his new quests.

It’s a great mystery how 00-Dilly has survived all these years. The official story, which is told in the introduction of the game, is somewhat a legend and our producer, Joachim, insists that this is all true, but personally I don’t buy it.

Game Play

00-Dilly wants to prove to the world that he’s the right test dummy for any kind of test. Today, we are checking out one of the most beautiful places on earth – the Grand Canyon. Here in this natural beauty, you’ll use whimsical contraptions to shoot him as far across the Grand Canyon as possible. But that’s not all! 00-Dilly can collect various objects that give you a lot of points. In fact, you just need to bring 00-Dilly from one contraption to the next to get through the level. Finally, at the end, you need to hit the target wall as close to the center as possible. But there’s even more…secrets and cool collector pieces.

Take a look at the new screenshots:


And, take a look at the official game video below:

So if you liked what you saw, then head on over to the KickStarter page and help support this game.

Source: Press Release