Adopted Announced: Danger, Drugs, and the Family Dog

Danger, Drugs, and the Family Dog:

Explore human turmoil through the eyes of a pet in Adopted

Lincoln, NE, December 18, 2014 – Ever wondered what your dog might have to say about all the bad decisions they have silently watched you make? Independent developer Clockwork Demon is excited to announce Adopted, a PC game where players get to explore the messy side of human nature through the eyes of the family dog.

Adopted Announced: Danger, Drugs, and the Family Dog

Adopted is a 3D, single-player exploration game where you play as Luchador, a recently rescued Boston Terrier thrust into a world of complex human problems with only a few simple tools to solve them. Players will sniff to discover important clues and then bark, chew, and fetch to manipulate their humans to make smart choices, or not. Unlike games where fail states give players do-overs, Adopted asks you to investigate and influence the right people in the right moments to produce real-time consequences that affect future gameplay and storyline.

Players will explore the lives of three twenty-somethings who are about to have a very stressful night in their southwestern suburban home. Who you choose to help or hinder throughout the evening will have dramatic effects on how the game progresses.

“We want players to feel torn between their relationships with owners and constantly ask how they should spend their time and who they should be concerned about next,” said Clockwork Demon co-founder Leo Glass.


  • Unique first-person perspective through the eyes of the family dog.
  • Stylized black-and-white art style with colorful scent auras that give clues about the world around you.
  • Chew, fetch, bark, sniff, sprint, jump, and crawl to manipulate your humans into making decisions that will impact the way the game and story resolve.
  • Original soundtrack that blends the roots of American folk, blues, rock, and country with old world, traditional styles.
  • Compelling storyline that explores difficult themes and asks how much our pets actually know about who we are.
  • Oculus Rift support.

Take a look at the Adopted announcement trailer below:

Adopted is scheduled for a 2016 release for PC, Mac and Linux at USD $14.99, EUR €12.99, CAD $17.99, GBP £11.99.

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