Act of Aggression US Faction Gameplay Trailer

Developer Eugen Systems (WargameAct of War) and Focus Home Interactive have released a new gameplay trailer for their RTS game, Act of Aggression.

Act of Aggression US Faction Gameplay Trailer

Key Features:

  • Strategic base building and management of multiple resources and tight visceral combat
  • Mass produce units to defeat your enemy and defend your supply lines
  • Three near future factions based on real world technology, pit it out in a war waged for political control of the world’s thinning resources
  • Each faction has its own bases, strengths and weaknesses
  • Occupy and defend banks to generate supplementary cash flow
  • Play across dozens of large maps collecting procedurally generated resources to fund the war effort

Here are some new screenshots:

And, take a look at the US Faction gameplay trailer:

Act of Aggression will be releasing this year for PC.

Source: Official Website