Act of Aggression Now Available on Steam

Act of Aggression Now Available on Steam

Developer Eugen Systems (WargameAct of War) and Focus Home Interactive have announced that RTS game, Act of Aggression is now available on Steam.

Set in the near-future, Act of Aggression is an explosive techno-thriller real-time strategy game hailing from the Golden Era of RTS. With three global super-powers, there can be only one victory.

Key Features:

  • Strategic base building and management of multiple resources and tight visceral combat
  • Mass produce units to defeat your enemy and defend your supply lines
  • Three near future factions based on real world technology, pit it out in a war waged for political control of the world’s thinning resources
  • Each faction has its own bases, strengths and weaknesses
  • Occupy and defend banks to generate supplementary cash flow
  • Play across dozens of large maps collecting procedurally generated resources to fund the war effort

Here is the launch trailer:

You can now get Act of Aggression on Steam for $38.24 (15% discount).

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Source: Press Release