A Story of the End – Revere Needs Your Support on Indiegogo

A Story of the End – Revere Needs Your Support on Indiegogo

CA, La Mirada Dec. 28, 2015 –  Developer Darrel Wijaya has announced that turn-based RPG A Story of the End – Revere is now accepting funding support on Indiegogo.

The Rapture, an event that destroyed the world (almost), now contains talking animals with bank accounts, near immortal beings, and kingdoms ruled by eccentric individuals.  You play as the protagonist who serves under a half angel who seeks to purge the world of sin. Your job: to ravage the continents of the planet to cleanse it from impure beings. You then willingly betray your empire and then got stranded in the middle of the harsh cold where a blonde bow boy finds you and takes you on a journey for redemption!

 A Story of the End – Revere features:

  • Ever wanted to craft weapons and upgrade them to your liking? This game has it.
  • Do you want to feel famous in town after doing a ton of quests that it could even influence the dialogue of people around you as well lowering the prices of expensive consumables or good? Do you ever felt the need to clear your bad reputation and make the people praise you for your great deeds of justice? This game does just that!
  • Ever wanted to challenge yourself so hard and earn higher rewards? You can adjust the difficulty to a maximum of 10 stars in the game making it so hard that you’ll doubt your success. This game has it.
  • The game also has animated battlers, and skills.

Take a look at the gameplay video:

You can help support A Story of the End – Revere on Indiegogo with 39 more days to go.

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