A Story of the End – Revere Announced for 2016

A Story of the End - Revere Announced for 2016

A Story of the End – Revere

A world under fear of the third coming

CA, La Mirada Dec. 18, 2015 –  Developer Darrel Wijaya has announced that turn-based RPG A Story of the End – Revere will be releasing in 2016. The Rapture, an event that destroyed the world (almost), now contains talking animals with bank accounts, near immortal beings, and kingdoms ruled by eccentric individuals.  You play as the protagonist who serves under a half angel who seeks to purge the world of sin. Your job: to ravage the continents of the planet to cleanse it from impure beings. You then willingly betray your empire and then got stranded in the middle of the harsh cold where a blonde bow boy finds you and takes you on a journey for redemption!

A Story of the End - Revere Announced for 2016

A Story of the End – Revere is a turn-based RPG game with the ability to attack more than once. The more moves you do in one turn, the higher their effects. Enemies will punish you if you plan your moves wrongly. This is also a massive game with detailed maps and dungeons which immerses you into the world after the end. Talking animals? Those are soul beasts which come from the ether planes, a pool of souls left over from the Rapture! Are they closely human? Why yes! In fact, even cats can tell you a thing or two if you’ve lost your way. What else? How do you clear your name for being the most notorious servant of the emperor? Make the town love you through our reputation system. How? By giving money to the poor, and even bribing the merchants while you’re at it. However, never forget the heartwarming, and meaningful story this game has to offer to the players.

A Story of the End - Revere Announced for 2016

It is a pretty game, one might say. A game that is twisted in nature but also funny, sad, and goofy. The world is now afraid, and it is your job (the player) to set it free! A Story of the End -Revere is an indie game the requires Windows/7/8/8.1; a 1.5 GHZ processor; 1 GB system memory. This is an individual game made by one person and an unofficial team. This is his first title, and he hopes to spread the word out there.

For more information about A Story of the End -Revere you can visit the official website and Facebook.