7 Days to Die REVIEW for Xbox One

7 Days to Die REVIEW for Xbox One

This is Trevor Provencio’s of Gaming Cypher Xbox One review of 7 Days to Die by developer The Fun Pimps and publisher  Telltale Publishing.

7 Days to Die is a survival crafting game not unlike Minecraft with zombies. This game opens up and your avatar is alone in one of the many landscapes that this game can have. You have to start out to make a stone axe with rocks and wood, etc., to defend yourself from the many zombies who would attack you on sight for no specific reason other than that they are zombies. There is no story at all for this game — it is just pure survival tactics. As a gamer who thrives on story this was a little frustrating. The gameplay and graphics were subpar for a game on Xbox One. It just lacks a depth that I am so used to playing games like The Witcher and The Legend of Zelda. Even games that are strictly zombie oriented like Call of Duty’s Black Ops have better stories and characters. I understand that it is not the point of this game to be a first-person shooter, but a little story would have been nice.

It is easy to get stuck in this game or just get bored because there is no clear objective. I am the type of gamer who likes to have a clear end goal and a place to go rather than just to wander around until you find something to do in the game. I want to be able to save the world from zombies or find a shelter and meet other characters. I am speaking about this game strictly in a first person campaign mode view of things. In terms of a horror game it was too open world to be pop-out scary like Left 4 Dead. It didn’t have enough story to be scary like the Outlast series. This game caters to the specific crowd who likes survivor games with a little bit of zombies. The crafting system was very vast as you had to make clothes for yourself and various weapons even to bows and arrows. Finding the materials for these things was the harder part as you had to find everything down to the last detail for you to craft it. I spent over an hour looking for some feathers and couldn’t find any and, therefore, I couldn’t make any sort of arrows.

Overall 7 Days to Die game is a 3 out of 10 in my opinion. I know that is a low score but the lack of story and sub-par graphics really make this game hard for me to enjoy. Had they just made some sort of story introducing your character and what happened to the world to make it Zombiefied it would have been much better. The crafting system was the best part about this game but some direction as to where to find specific materials would be very helpful for getting people to continue playing this game after they get stuck at some point. It could have been better.

Here is the 7 Days To Die Launch Trailer:

7 Days to Die is now available in stores at retail and digitally on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One.