5TH Cell’s New IP Anchors in the Drift Now on Crowdfunding Platform FIG

5TH Cell's New IP Anchors in the Drift Now on Crowdfunding Platform FIG

5TH Cell, Creators of Hit Title Scribblenauts, Seek Investment and Rewards Crowdfunding

SAN FRANCISCO, October 21, 2015 – Today 5TH Cell, makers of the award-winning, multi-million selling Scribblenauts franchise, announces Anchors in the Drift for PC. 5TH Cell’s Anchors in the Drift is the second title to launch on Fig and has a funding goal of $500,000.00. Anchors in the Drift has been in development for over a year and is now in full production.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Fig to bring Anchors in the Drift to life and love that they have created a platform that allows traditional crowdfunding, as well as enabling investors to take a partial equity stake in the product,” said Jeremiah Slaczka, CEO and Creative Director, 5TH Cell.

Anchors in the Drift is a Free-to-Play Action RPG with a unique twist that gives players the freedom to combine and craft their own customized abilities from collectible cards to combat dynamic enemies.

This game is set in a universe where an inter-dimensional empire, the Domain has invaded Earth collapsing time and causing islands from different civilizations to be spread across a quantum ocean known as the Drift. Now Heroes from all generations, called Anchors, must sail this infinite sea to liberate these islands.

Players must liberate dynamically generated islands in time, known as Remnants from the Domain. Once a Remnant is scouted, players choose their Anchor from a set of classes and an Ability Loadout of abilities they’ve created from collectible cards called Arc Mods. Liberating a Remnant gives players leaderboard rank, XP and loot for their characters.

“Fig looks to help indie developers with unique games achieve funding through investment and rewards. Anchors in the Drift is one of those rare titles from a proven developer that we just had to work with. Gamers deserve to enjoy this game,” said Justin Bailey, CEO, Fig.

Fig provides a featured crowdfunding experience that strikes a balance between titles from well-known “iii” independent studios and ones from up-and-coming indie teams. Fig allows accredited investors to participate in the potential success of a game title by investing in Fig’s co-publishing company, which holds a license to certain distribution rights to the title. The investment portion of the funding will be considered on a first come, first served basis, with the remainder raised through traditional rewards.

Here are the new screenshots:

Take a look at the official Fig video:

Accredited investors interested in participating in Fig’s 5TH Cell campaign can do so now via Fig’s new online accreditation process. For more information visit here.

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