3D MMORPG Immortal Thrones Launches a Huge Update

3D MMORPG Immortal Thrones Launches a Huge Update

New features include events, pets, and marriage!

BEIJING – Dec. 7, 2017 – Game publisher Zloong announced today that the largest update thus far to their hit mobile game, Immortal Thrones, is now live. Immortal Thrones is a 3D MMORPG set in a richly detailed medieval fantasy world. In addition to the immersive setting, the game offers real-time state and world war mechanisms.

In this update, players are introduced to Temple Relic, a thrilling dungeon that players can complete to earn new equipment. In addition, players can choose to embark on a different kind of quest: marriage! The game will be adding a new system and dungeon that will allow players to marry, fight together, and win thrilling rewards.

An album feature has been added to players’ inventories to keep record of their trials and successes in their adventures. The stunning scenes, exotic creatures, priceless treasures, and unforgettable events all contribute to each player’s collections. If a player completes a subcategory, they’ll earn a new effect–so get collecting!

3D MMORPG Immortal Thrones Launches a Huge Update

Players can experience the new Pantheon function of Tarot Showdown. Players will encounter the card feature in new chapters of the game, as well as through mythological divination, trials of gods, card packs, and temple stores. Additionally, new albums will be added in-game, and players may upgrade their powers by activating the new album. The albums will be divided into four categories: Scenery, Creature, Treasure, and Memorial. Each one is equipped with different rules and rewards.

A new pet system allows players a wide range of choices for their character to adopt. Players will also be able to check their world level ranking if their level is above 80.

In addition to the new features, the developer has worked to improve functionality and optimization, allowing for smoother gameplay.

Check Out the Immortal Thrones New 1v1 Gameplay Trailer:

And here is the Immortal Thrones Wedding Trailer:

The Global Field, open on every Tuesday and Thursday, will be changed into the new kingdom war. In the kingdom war, two camps will fight against each other to acquire more power, with victory going to the first camp that gathers power faster.

Immortal Thrones will also host a four-week cross-server guild league featuring two stages: Qualification and Group Competition. During the first two weeks, players can fight for the guild in the form of teams. 240 guilds will enter the second stage and compete for victory. 16 guilds will team up and confront with another team of 16 guilds. The final guild standing will receive generous rewards.

Immortal Thrones is available for download in North America and Europe on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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