343 Industries Looking Beyond Halo Master Chief Storyline

No worries, Halo’s Master Chief is not going away any time soon, but 343 Industries want other stories not centering only on Master Chief. 343′s Kiki Wolfkill said it was “important” for Master Chief to appear in halo 4 (after being absent from Reach and ODST), but that he is not necessarily going to appear in every game from now on. “He’s always going to be a pretty critical component of Halo and the game experiences. I would hope that we could also build strength and investment in other characters, for no other reason than that’s part of what makes the universe interesting,” she said. “Master Chief’s not going away, but we need to be able to give people more connection points.” In other words, while 343 Industries is proud of Halo 4 and its accomplishments, it wants to innovate and tell its own stories. Wolfkill said: “How we look at it is ‘Where do we want to be in ten years? What are the stories we want to tell?’” “We have started to flesh out broad strokes of a few different arcs that are interesting. There could be opportunities where exploring a different game genre makes sense or exploring a different linear format makes sense. If the medium fits what we want to do, then we’ll definitely consider it. If there’s a great idea we get energized around [it].”