$1000 Prize for 1st Player to Beat Super Rude Bear Resurrection without Dying

$1000 Prize for 1st Player to Beat Super Rude Bear Resurrection without Dying

PLUS: The game launches on the Twitch store next week

Manchester-based game studio Alex Rose Games today announced the $1,000 Super Rude Bear Resurrection Rainbow Challenge, daring gamers to beat the entirety of Super Rude Bear Resurrection on PlayStation 4 or PC without dying for a cash prize. Yeah, good luck with that.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection, launching worldwide for PlayStation 4 on May 2, and for Steam on May 5, is a hardcore platformer with a twist — every time you die, your corpse stays exactly where you left it, and with your next life you can use your dead body as a platform or meatshield to keep you alive.

Here is theĀ Super Rude Bear Resurrection – The Rainbow Challenge ($1000 Speedrun Bounty) Trailer:

The $1,000 Rainbow Challenge: The Rules
  • The competition begins at 6am PDT on May 5, 2017
  • You must beat the entire game in one run in Rainbow Challenge in the Marathon Menu
  • You cannot use glitches or tool-assists
  • You must record the entire run and either stream it on Twitch, or put it on YouTube
  • You must have the game music turned on, and have the game timer enabled
  • You cannot be the friendĀ and/or family of developer Alex Rose
  • The challenge will end when the first person beats it, or end of May 2019
  • Full terms and conditions can be found here

The game’s difficulty lowers with each death, meaning that anyone can beat it — but players looking for a real challenge can attempt to beat the entire thing without dying at all.

That’s where the $1,000 Rainbow Challenge comes in. The first person who manages to play all the way through Super Rude Bear Resurrection without dying a single time, and records/streams their run, will win a $1,000 cash prize.

The full terms and conditions can be found on the official website.
Super Rude Bear Resurrection will be available from May 2, coming to PS4 and Steam.