TANGLEDEEP Halloween Update Features Limited-Time Item Drops and Visuals, Introduces Nightmares Bosses

Dive deep into Item Nightmares and challenge powerful Nightmare Bosses for unique loot and rewards!

Fulton, MD – Independent game developer Impact Gameworks announced that their roguelike dungeon crawler, Tangledeep, has undergone a special Halloween transformation that offers limited-time items and unique, powerful rewards to daring explorers with a sweet tooth for challenge. read more

Party Hard Tycoon Review for PC on Steam Early Access

For the most part, Tycoon games do not interest me.  Management sim mechanics are a good compliment to games like State of Decay and the recent XCOM installments, but it isn’t really my cup of tea when it is the main focus of a game.  There has to be something special to make me want to play a game in this genre.  Luckily, Tiny Build’s Party Hard Tycoon has an interesting premise and aesthetic that intrigues and encourages you to keep playing to see all the shenanigans that can unfold, despite many rough edges. read more

Hunt: Showdown Steam Early Access Release Announced by Crytek

The first-person multiplayer monster hunter will be released via early access on Steam

FRANKFURT, Germany – Crytek has announced that Hunt: Showdown will have an early access release on Steam. Hunt is a competitive first-person bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements. It packs the most thrilling moments from survival games into a match-based format and sets the action in dark and forgotten corners of the world. A new trailer is now available on the game’s Steam page, where players can add Hunt: Showdown to their wishlists. read more

Mystic Melee Review for PC

In this retro styled game, four arcane wizards must face an evil mage and save their world by mastering spells. Mystic Melee by developer Serenity Forge is a fast paced, physics based platformer for PC. You will learn how to dash, wall jump, slide, and control your wind based powers as you tackle increasingly difficult levels. In the word’s of the developers, it’s “easy to learn and hard to master.” This retro-esque platformer definitely took me by surprise. Reminiscent of Metroid and Castlevania, this game is quite tricky as suggested by the developers. As you dive into this world you will meet several different environments including temples, forest, and an icy world. Not only can you take on this world and the evil mage in single player, you can battle up to three friends in a multiplayer melee. Though this game is for PC a controller in highly suggested. read more

MIDAIR Review for PC on Steam Early Access

Want the ultimate jetpack joyride? Look no further than Midair, a rollicking combination of altitude and heavy artillery by developer Archtype Studios. The basic concept is capture the flag with the added element of flight, which allows the battles and maps to both be exponentially more interesting. But although each round is unique and exhilarating, I think Midair has a lot of unexplored potential that could make it even more fascinating. read more

Battlerite Halloween Event Starts Today on Steam

Take Part in the Halloween Event while Battlerite’s Free Week is Still On

Stunlock Studios, the developer of the anticipated PvP arena brawler, Battlerite, invites players to participate in an upcoming Halloween Event. Starting today, September 29th, and stretching throughout five consecutive weeks, players will enjoy a spooky Halloween theme packed with unique Halloween weapons for all champions, creepy avatars, mounts and four brand new legendary outfits. Players can get their hands on Halloween items by purchasing Creepy Chests with in-game currency. read more

VALNIR ROK Viking Survival Online RPG Launching on Steam Sept. 26

Take Part in a Viking Saga Filled with Savage Beasts, Fierce Rival Warrior Clans, and High Adventure

COLOGNE, GERMANY – Independent game developer Encurio GmbH announced that Valnir Rok, an epic online Viking role-playing adventure, will be launching into Steam Early Access on September 26. Set on a mystical Nordic island, players will discover the harsh, dangerous life of a Viking clansman where vicious beasts roam, forgotten gods lay waiting, and great warrior clans can be joined or conquered. Learn the skills to survive, discover recipes and formulas to create new weapons and gear, and build a thriving village to increase clan strength and notoriety. read more