Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Joins the SEGA Forever Collection Today

SAN FRANCISCO, LONDON – November 21st, 2017 – 25 years ago today, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was released in Japan for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. Today, in celebration of that anniversary, SEGA is declaring this November 21st, 2017 “Sonic 2sday” and setting Sonic The Hedgehog 2 free, as it joins SEGA Forever, a growing collection of classic SEGA games that are free-to-play (with ad support) for mobile devices. read more

Football Manager 2018 Review for PC

Perhaps the most intense of simulators, following the world’s most popular sport, Football Manager 2018 throws you into the deep end for an immersive experience. This title mostly follows all the aspects of football that take place behind the scenes, touching on training, locker room atmosphere, contracting, scheduling, and press releases. I’m sure returning fans of the series may feel at home, but newcomers beware: this is not FIFA and is heavily emphatic on the “manager” part. read more

Total War Rome II Returns to Antiquity with Empire Divided DLC

New grand-scale campaign pack launches on November 30th; joined by free Power & Politics update

It is the crisis of the third century. A string of inept emperors and usurpers vying for power have torn the Roman Empire into three factions, and with barbarians and Eastern Empires ready to exploit the chaos, it’s do-or-die time. On November 30th, players can reunite the empire or tear it down in this new, grand-scale campaign pack for Total War: ROME II. read more

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III – Endless War Update and Steam Free Weekend Starting Today

Dawn of War III’s biggest post-launch content release arrives today, bringing with it three elite heroes, five cosmetic skins, three multiplayer maps, and new custom match options to challenge players on the battlefield. This will coincide with a Steam Free Weekend for Dawn of War III which will run from 10am PDT/6pm BST/7pm CEST, October 19th to 9pm BST/10pm CEST/1pm PDT, October 22nd and a 50% off discount to buy, which will start at the same time on October 19th and finish at 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PDT, October 23rd. read more

Total War: Warhammer II Review for PC

I’ve been a fan of the Total War series since Medieval 2 came out in 2006, and since then I played countless hours from the original Rome Total War to the newest installment, Warhammer 2. Creative Assembly’s decision to move from historic to fantasy has been something long awaited by some members of the community. I know I did, especially after playing the Lord of the Rings mod for Medieval 2. read more

Football Manager 2018 New Scouting Video Released

Finding the Right Player Whether You Have a Man City or Mansfield Sized Transfer Budget

Joe Thomlinson, from popular Football YouTube channel, Football Daily, presents a detailed look at how to let the most out of your scouting network in Football Manager 2018. Whether you’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars to splash or you’re working to the tightest of non-existent budgets, this video will give you a good idea as to how to find the best player for your team. read more