Inmates Review for PC

Inmates by developer Davit Andreasyan and publisher Iceberg Interactive is a psychological horror game set in a worn-out, decrepit prison. It focuses on story, exploration, and puzzle elements to guide you to escape out of the disturbing situation you find yourself in. read more

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Review for PC

I have always adored theme parks—the big ferris wheel, the thrill rides, the refreshments, even the crowds. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic, remastered by RollerCoaster Tycoon creator, Chris Sawyer, does more than recreate the park experience; it allows you to build one completely from scratch. This game is for anyone who has ever wanted to experience the construction process from start to finish, from clearing the land to running a park with hundreds of daily visitors. Moreover, you also learn valuable business skills of pricing and consumer behavior while managing employees and customer service. And last but not least, if you are anything like me, this game fulfills one very special childhood dream: finally creating the amusement park that you always wished existed. read more

LET THEM COME Review for Xbox One

In the current era of expansive, hour-devouring games that demand a certain amount of time logged into them in order to get to the really good stuff; it can be refreshing to kick back and play a short and focused experience such as Let Them Come by developer Tuatara Games and publisher Versus Evil. read more

Total War: Warhammer II Review for PC

I’ve been a fan of the Total War series since Medieval 2 came out in 2006, and since then I played countless hours from the original Rome Total War to the newest installment, Warhammer 2. Creative Assembly’s decision to move from historic to fantasy has been something long awaited by some members of the community. I know I did, especially after playing the Lord of the Rings mod for Medieval 2. read more

Blue Reflection Review for PlayStation 4

Developer, Gust, fills out their “Beautiful Girls Festival” trilogy with Blue Reflection. This time around, you descend onto Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School to brave a social climb that is illustrated with fantastical battles and alliances. A RPG with turn-based combat, the game packs a deep inventory bag, and a dynamic leveling system. A concise open world offers a variety of objectives, but the critical path of the story really pigeon holes exploration. read more

Mystic Melee Review for PC

In this retro styled game, four arcane wizards must face an evil mage and save their world by mastering spells. Mystic Melee by developer Serenity Forge is a fast paced, physics based platformer for PC. You will learn how to dash, wall jump, slide, and control your wind based powers as you tackle increasingly difficult levels. In the word’s of the developers, it’s “easy to learn and hard to master.” This retro-esque platformer definitely took me by surprise. Reminiscent of Metroid and Castlevania, this game is quite tricky as suggested by the developers. As you dive into this world you will meet several different environments including temples, forest, and an icy world. Not only can you take on this world and the evil mage in single player, you can battle up to three friends in a multiplayer melee. Though this game is for PC a controller in highly suggested. read more

Sparkle 2 Review for Nintendo Switch

It seems like the puzzle game genre has been experiencing a confident renaissance as of late, with Nintendo’s new console being the front runner. Sparkle 2, a magnificently polished marble shooter developed by 10tons, is now available on the Nintendo Switch and is another solid entry that understands and takes full advantage of the Nintendo console’s hybrid capabilities. read more

JYDGE Review for Xbox One

In the cavalcade of comic book heroes turned multimedia properties, it can be hard to remember a character such as Judge Dredd. My only experience with the character has been limited to two movies: one being a high octane thrill ride that feels like watching a great action game being played, and the other a cliché filled mess that co-starred Rob Schneider. You can imagine why I might be a bit skittish to play a game obviously influenced by Judge Dredd; but being a comic book fan I am curious to learn more about the Cursed Earth and mythology of something like the Dredd-verse. read more

SPLASHER Review for PlayStation 4

Get ready to have some fun! Developer Splashteam’s newly released game Splasher is an excellent 2D platformer that’s both extremely enjoyable and challenging. From the great level design to the aesthetically pleasing environments, almost every aspect of Splasher is worthy of praise. read more

MIDAIR Review for PC on Steam Early Access

Want the ultimate jetpack joyride? Look no further than Midair, a rollicking combination of altitude and heavy artillery by developer Archtype Studios. The basic concept is capture the flag with the added element of flight, which allows the battles and maps to both be exponentially more interesting. But although each round is unique and exhilarating, I think Midair has a lot of unexplored potential that could make it even more fascinating. read more