Echo Glass Just Launched Free on App Store

Steve Snyder just announced that Echo Glass launched free on the App Store today.

Here is what Snyder had to say about Echo Glass,

Retrain your brain and have fun while doing it! Echo Glass is an exciting new puzzle game with a twist on the popular mirror star-tracing test used to study procedural memory. Enjoy the minimalist art design of the game as you complete the tasks and collect the polygons. Watching your line elegantly move across the screen and recreated as a mirror image evokes suspense and a bit of anxiety as you’re challenged in these unique puzzles. And all the while you’re playing, your subconscious is learning a new motor skill opening up and encouraging your own creativity and solutions! read more

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 Has Nine Games

The Humble Mobile Bundle 5 now has nine games.

Pay anything you want:

  • Bag It!
  • Aralon: Sword and Shadow

Pay over the average of $5.19 to unlock!

  • The Cave
  • The Room Two
  • Carcassonne Paper Monsters
  • R-TYPE
  • Enviro-Bear 2010

You can download the Humble Mobile Bundle right here. Please share with your friends to help support the Electronic Frontier Foundation Child’s Play Charity. read more