Beat The Game Review for PC

Beat the Game is not a typical video game. Worm Animation’s first foray into the gaming industry showcases fresh ideas, as it blends music-making with open world adventure. By incorporating features from these two genres, Beat the Game succeeds in being memorable and unique. While it is a rather short game that players can beat quickly, Beat the Game is worth playing for the innovative gaming experience it provides. read more

JOHN MAMBO Frenetic Retro Arcade Game Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Developer Iction Games has announced that its frenetic retro arcade game, John Mambo, with an Isometric top down view is currently on Kickstarter.

John Mambo is a game with aesthetic pixel art and in which the player has to face an entire army alone. One of the game’s main characteristics is the humor that the developer wanted to add and the possibility to select the routes by which to advance in the missions. read more

CITADALE: THE LEGENDS TRILOGY Retro 8-bit Action Platformer Now Available on Steam

Citadale: The Legends Trilogy combines the original Wii U release (Citadale: Gate of Souls) with two all-new sequels:Chapter 2 – Curse of Darkness: Sonja’s son, Gabriel, takes up the mantle of the Demon Slayer. Chapter 3 – Legacy of Fate: Face the Dark Lord as Christopher – Sonja’s grandson and heir to the Shadow Blade!Get ready to vanquish evil across three generations in this challenging action game featuring distinct storylines, characters, levels and music.

A Dark Lord plagues the land – and only YOU can stop him. Play as Sonja Dorleac and bring an end to the forces of darkness by wielding the legendary Shadow Blade. Battle the creatures of the night with swords, axes, shurikens and more – and face off against horrific bosses. If you prove your strength, you can unlock alternate endings for the first two games in the series. A boss rush mode for the original game can also be unlocked if you get the “good” ending in the first game. read more

BEAT THE GAME Dali-esque Music Adventure Now Out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux

Surreal Yet Charming Point And Clicker Challenges Players To Make The Ultimate Club Track And Save Mistik

San Francisco, North America – September 7th, 2017 – Independent studio, Worm Animation, is proud to announce that their debut title, point and click music adventure, Beat The Game, is out now on PC, Mac and Linux. The Xbox One release is scheduled for later in 2017. To accompany the announcement, the studio is proud to release the launch trailer for the game. Beat The Game combines beautiful, handcrafted characters and environments with classic 3D point and click adventuring, also adding an intuitive music making mechanic. Inspired as much by twentieth century surrealists, Dali and Ernst, as modern European techno, Beat The Game is a charming adventure game with a heart made of music. read more

VIVE LE ROI Review for Mac

Vive le Roi, which translates from French to mean ‘Long Live the King’, is a very aptly named game. Situated during the French Revolution, Developer Meridian4’s puzzle platformer has players set out to save King Louis XVI from his impending execution and thus alter the course of history. However, while the game does incorporate fresh elements, it does not truly separate itself from the multitude of other puzzle platformers on the market. The fact that there is only one way to sneak past the guards in each of the 30 levels can be hit or miss – there were some truly fantastic levels, while others felt tedious due to the repetition necessary to complete them. Moreover, the simplistic level design and the black silhouettes that constitute the in-game characters do nothing to draw the eye or impress visually. While Vive le Roi offers some fun moments, it does not distinguish itself enough to warrant a glowing recommendation. read more

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Review for PlayStation 4

Masquerada: Songs and Shadow is a top down action/adventure game by Witching Hour Studios and Ysbryd Games. You are dropped into the City of Ombre as Cicero Gavar a former Inspettore of the Citte. Cicero has been assigned the task of investigating the disappearance of important White Spire members. While the player is not given many details in the beginning of the game as to who Cicero is or what the world around him is like, players can piece it together as they go through the game. One thing the player does understand is the objects known as mascherines are weapons of great power; and the struggle for that power has left the world wounded. read more