CIRCUIT BREAKERS Six Player Co-Op Gameplay Trailer Released

Banbury, Oxfordshire – 11th January 2017 – With Circuit Breakers releasing very soon for Xbox One and PS4, in late February, publisher Excalibur and developer Triverske wanted to give players a look at what they can expect – specifically Xbox One players. Exclusively on consoles, the Xbox One version of Circuit Breakers will feature six-player local co-op gameplay! Players can take a look at what’s in store for them by taking a look at the brand new gameplay trailer (below). read more

Space Overlords PlayStation Debuts in December

Players can create their own galaxies and planets, before sharing them with the Space Overlords community!

Banbury, Oxfordshire – November 8, 2016 – Space Overlords, a community-­based planet creation game, will debut on Playstation platforms beginning in early December. The game will release on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. read more

Laser Disco Defenders Now Available for PS Vita

Excalibur Publishing and developer Out of Bound Games announced that Laser Disco Defenders is now available on PS Vita.

In this high-impact, twin stick shooter, every shot fired will ricochet inside the environment, damaging your enemies and damaging you too! Dodge, shoot and groove your way to defeat the evil Lord Monotone and his maniacal plan to control the galaxy’s taste in music. read more

CTU: Counter Terrorism Unit Dated for Feb. 2016

Excalibur takes a leap of faith with tactical shooting game CTU: Counter Terrorism Unit venturing into uncharted territory of this popular gaming genre.  Developed for Excalibur by Odin Games – the Brazilian developer whose first product was EnforcerCTU development process began two years ago.  Pitched as a spiritual successor to the classic SWAT games, CTU demands patience and tactical judgement to succeed against overwhelming odds. Designed as a first person shooter but encouraging tense and tactical gameplay, command your team to secure the safety of hostages. read more