Thief 4 Unveiled for 2014 – Rumor or Fact?

Screenshots of the supposed Thief 4 have begun to appear online. The game is reportedly coming “in 2014 on PC and next-generation consoles” (Square Enix). The hooded guy is Garrett, a master infiltrator, archer and incurable kleptomaniac. The game is currently in development at Eidos Montreal. read more

Football Manager 2013 January Transfer Update Now Live

Update 13.3.0, FM13 will allow players to see “Beckham strut his stuff at PSG, watch Balotelli back in Milan or lead the French revolution at Newcastle,” thanks to newly updated squads. The latest transfer data will only apply to new games started after the update, but is compatible with both modes – full-fat Football Manager and Football Manager Classic. read more

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2: ‘Thunder King’ Raid Available Tomorrow

The Thunder King Patch 5.2 will arrive in-game tomorrow with a heaving, snaking raid called Throne of Thunder. Players, however, will not be able to storm in there right away and wreak havoc, but rather a new Raid Finder wings will be unlocked slowly over the next month or so in gradually escalating difficulty. (you and your crew will need an average item level of 480 or higher to access the new wings). read more