Gears of War: Judgement – Epic Courtroom Drama

Gears of War is set to play entirely in flashbacks, with the player going through evidence as characters from Kilo Squad give insight into the moments leading up to their trial. This game essentially feels like an update more than a Gears of War 4. The following is the game tralier:

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Next Gen Xbox "Durango" CPU Details – RUMOR

New hardware will bring “a host of modern micro-architectural performance features.”

VGleaks – one of the more respectable next gen hardware rumour-mongers – has posted what it claims is an in-depth account of the next generation Xbox’s CPU. I’m going to put hand on heart and say that I understand not a single word of it.

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Eve Online Surpasses 500,000 Subscriber Goal

Already in its 2nd decade, EvE Online, the MMO going free-to-play, has defied the odds of with its huge subscriber base of over 500,000.

CCP’s CEO, Hilmar Pétursson, in response to the huge milestone issued his thanks to players: “This is a bit of a sentimental moment for all of us at CCP. This is something we’ve strived for against all odds, against all rational, logical expectation of what is reasonable to do in a decade.” He also said that he “hoped to inspire a whole new decade of progress in EvE Online,” and to, “Explore what this concept is about to become. It has long since turned into more than a computer game. Having watched it now for a decade, our best work is ahead of us. I now really believe in my mind and my heart that EvE will outlive us all”

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