FATED: The Silent Oath Launches on Oculus Rift & HTC Vive in April, and on PlayStation VR at Launch

First-Person Experience Aims to Set the Benchmark for Emotionally-Charged VR Storytelling

Quebec City, CA – April 14th, 2016 – Canadian independent developer Frima Studio today announced that its Norse-themed Virtual Reality experience, FATED: The Silent Oath, will launch on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on April 28th, then on PlayStation VR at launch. FATED takes players on one man’s quest to protect his family from the destruction of their world at the hands of the gods. read more

Survival Horror That’s Never the Same Twice PHANTASMAL Now on Steam

Players struggle to keep their sanity in terrifyingly unpredictable
first-person PC horror game

Auckland, New Zealand – April 14, 2016 – Eyemobi, an emerging development studio with a keen eye for terrifying gaming experiences, today officially announced the Full Release on Steam of its PC title, Phantasmal, a first-person survival horror game with an emphasis on unpredictability. read more

ESPER 1 Heading to Oculus Rift this Spring

Telekinesis-Themed VR Game Will Be Free at Launch to All Owners of its Predecessor, Esper 2

Sunderland, United Kingdom – April 12, 2016 –  Indie developer Coatsink announced today that Esper 1, predecessor to critically acclaimed, Esper 2, will launch on Oculus Rift later this Spring. With the launch of Esper 1 players can purchase both games bundled together for $14.95, however players who already own Esper 2 will receive Esper 1 for free. read more

XOTIC PC Embraces VR & Offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX VR Ready Gaming Computers

Lincoln, Nebraska – (April 5, 2016) – XOTIC PC – a multi-award-winning PC-based desktop systems integrator and reseller of highly customized gaming laptops – announces today the addition of multiple NVIDIA GeForce GTX “VR Ready” gaming systems to the XOTIC PC online store. The initial selection includes some of XOTIC PC’s own line of highly-customizable desktops in a variety of form factors and several leading gaming notebooks manufactured by MSI and SAGER. read more

Techland Sister Studio Announces The Collider 2 with Full VR Support

Wroclaw, Poland – April 4th, 2016 – Today, Techland’s subsidiary development team ShortBreak Studios has announced its upcoming game, The Collider 2. This fast paced, reflex primed galactic speeder puts players into the pilot’s seat of humanity’s last push for survival. With a fleet of high-tech starfighters at your disposal, take on a series of near-suicidal missions to destroy the alien invaders threatening your home world. Fly into the very depths of the enemy command ship and take it out from within.  read more

Esper 2 Launches on Oculus Rift

Telekinesis-themed VR Game launched as part of Oculus Rift launch catalog

Sunderland, United Kingdom – March 29, 2016 –  Today, independent UK developer Coatsink announced that its telekinesis-themed first-person VR game Esper 2 is now available for Oculus Rift as part of Oculus’ day one launch catalog. Reprising their role from the original game, players become an agent of ESPR, an organization set up to deal with the recent outbreak of telekinetic powers among citizens. As they travel to exotic locations, they must solve mind-bending puzzles, discover secrets, foil nefarious plots and probably fall unconscious multiple times. The game has already been released on Gear VR, where it garnered rave reviews from critics and consumers alike. read more