PAX West 2017 Impressions: Light Tracer

I had a great time at the Oasis Games booth at PAX West 2017 while playing Light Tracer!

Light Tracer is a new take on the platforming genre in VR. The player will take control of a god-like character who is tasked with helping a pretty, little princess climb to the top of a tower. The player will need to manipulate the environment and change the point-of-view in order to properly direct the princess in the right path and solve puzzles. With eight unique chapters planned, players will be treated to a variety of puzzles and enemies along the way. read more

Augmented Reality DroneSimAR Uses Apple’s ARKit, Launches Sept. 12 on iOS

Fly your very own virtual drone in CircleSquare’s DroneSimAR – a realistic drone simulator that makes full use of iOS 11’s ARKit

In DroneSimAR, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or iPad to control a lifelike virtual drone! Explore your surroundings while honing your drone piloting skills – thanks to the game’s realistic drone dynamics, which were modeled after the real thing. And *unlike* flying your own drone, you don’t have to worry about batteries, bad weather, flight restrictions or costly repairs. read more

L.A. Noire New Versions Heading to Virtual Reality, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

NEW YORK, NY, September 7, 2017 – Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is proud to announce new versions of the blockbuster detective thriller, L.A. Noire, are scheduled to release on November 14, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment systems and for Xbox One games and entertainment systems. read more

Sparc by CCP Games Launches on PlayStation VR

The vSport, only possible in virtual reality, connects players online for fast, fun, skill-based competition

Atlanta, GA – Today, CCP Games launched Sparc, the energetic competitive virtual reality game on PlayStation VR. Sparc’s unique full-body experience is only possible in virtual reality, where players’ VR equipment becomes their sports gear. read more

Exciting Times As Virtual & Augmented Reality Become Ever More Popular

Whisper it quietly but after many attempts, it looks like virtual and augmented reality may finally be about to hit the big time. As a growing number of people have experienced the amazing features that both of these very different technologies deliver, signs are that uptake in VR hardware is increasing – while smartphone AR apps were some of the most popular performers last year. Will we soon be using augmented reality as a routine everyday tool, just to get home and slip on our VR headset to watch some movies, sports or maybe even a little virtual roulette at Platinum Play. read more

The Solus Project is Coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR Sep. 18

Prague – The critically-acclaimed exploration adventure, The Solus Project, is set to embark on a brand-new expedition with its September 18th launch on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR! European PlayStation 4 and VR owners can head to the PlayStation Network store now to pre-order The Solus Project for $19.99. Co-developed by GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios, The Solus Project promises to bring its exceptional survival and exploration experience to all PlayStation fans. read more