Hyper Universe by Nexon America Enters Week-long Closed Beta, Register Now

Get the first taste of Nexon America’s genre-bending MOBA starting today

LOS ANGELES – June 23, 2017 – Looking to turn the MOBA genre on its side, Nexon America announced that closed beta testing for Hyper Universe begins today in North America and European regions. The beta will run from June 23 at 05:00AM PDT until June 30 at 10:00AM PDT, and includes 27 playable Hypers, the Delta Station Map, party matchmaking, and much more. read more

Steam Gets Steamier with PC Release of VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI-

From the creators of the fan-favorite SENRAN KAGURA series comes VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI-, an anatomically-exaggerated brawler with outrageous and action packed gameplay where Japanese schoolgirls transform into powerful weapons. To activate their newfound abilities bestowed upon them by the mysterious Armed Virus, the girls have to … get physical.  read more

NO70: EYE OF BASIR Horror Supernatural Walking Simulator Coming to Steam June 28

Developer Old Moustache Gameworks has announced that NO70: EYE OF BASIR horror supernatural walking simulator is coming to Steam next week.

Take on the role of Aras and search for your brother Erhan as you investigate the house where you grew up – grandmother’s house, No. 70 – in this atmospheric first-person exploration game. Dark rooms and creepy corridors abound; stay on your toes to put the pieces together and solve the intricate puzzles that move the story forward. Can you keep your sanity, rescue your brother, and uncover the truth about the paranormal events surrounding the house? read more

Angry Birds Evolution Review for Android

In the beginning, I was worried that another Angry Birds game would just be disappointingly stale, but this app quickly proved to be engaging, fresh, and full of variety. The main objective is to journey through the different-colored regions of Bird Island and find all the members of Eagle Force, an almighty super-bird team that can defeat the egg-stealing pigs once and for all. Along the way, you must fight multiple pig battles using your personal bird army, which you build and upgrade on your own. One of the coolest new perks in Angry Birds Evolution is the huge variety of bird characters, which come in all colors, sizes, and levels. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the great selection of both male and female birds, each of which come with their own unique bio. They also range from one to five stars in ability, and the game clearly states that a two-star character is stronger than a one-star one, no matter how much you upgrade it. Since you can only use a limited number of your birds in battles (the rest are saved in your inventory), it is far more effective to fight with your highest-ranking characters and use up your lower-ranked birds to upgrade and strengthen your fighters. And once you upgrade them the maximum number of levels (20), you can evolve them—although the price is steep unless you have a high amount of evolution material, so do not get prematurely excited about that. read more

Spells of Genesis Update Adds Asynchronous PvP Multiplayer

The latest Spells of Genesis update adds an all-new Raid mode for card enthusiasts to battle in asynchronous PvP multiplayer battles

Geneva, Switzerland – June 21, 2017 – All 4 Games and EverdreamSoft are pleased to announce a brand-new update to its blockchain-based fantasy trading card game, Spells of Genesis, as players can now participate in the new Raid mode which features asynchronous PvP multiplayer. This update allows iOS and Android gamers to take their passion for collecting cards and their strategic skills to an entirely new level through the online play of Raid mode. read more