LEGO Worlds Review for Nintendo Switch

LEGO Worlds is the latest LEGO sandbox game developed by British studio Traveller’s Tales, and this time, has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. It strays away from its predecessors, however, by focusing on the mechanics of creation rather than the story. Widely heralded as a new competitor to Minecraft, LEGO Worlds allows players to construct impressive structures brick by brick, or instead use predefined ones if they so desire to save time. read more

TIME RECOIL Review for Xbox One

Time Recoil by 10tons Ltd, is a fast paced, action-adventure, 3rd person shooter that will capture your attention for hours. The puzzle element to the game allows you to choose how you want to solve it, whether it is taking the straightforward approach, blasting through walls, or causing the greatest amount of damage possible. The objective is always in sight, and it’s fun, carving your own path to victory. read more

ARK: Survival Evolved Review for PC

One of the most important things that any game developer can do is generate hype over their products. Depending on the project, this can be a relatively difficult thing to do. Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the few examples of a title which generates its own hype based on concept alone: it is a dinosaur themed open-world survival game, built upon the idea of taming one’s own dinosaurs. For many players, this childhood wish fulfillment might be enough of a sell by itself. When you combine this premise with over two years or pre-release early access, the amount of hype and expectations can only grow so much more. Now the questions become focused on how Ark: Survival Evolved meets those lofty hopes and expectations. read more

Last Day of June Review for PlayStation 4

Ovosonico is not your typical game studio. The formation of the company came from a desire to blend film, music, and games into a cohesive harmony. Their second release, Last Day of June, accomplishes this marriage with subtlety and grace. With a playfully emotive score by established music producer Steven Wilson, and a pastel drenched art direction from the Tim Burton collaborator, Jess Cope, the world presented here bellows out a melancholic ballad. read more

VIVE LE ROI Review for Mac

Vive le Roi, which translates from French to mean ‘Long Live the King’, is a very aptly named game. Situated during the French Revolution, Developer Meridian4’s puzzle platformer has players set out to save King Louis XVI from his impending execution and thus alter the course of history. However, while the game does incorporate fresh elements, it does not truly separate itself from the multitude of other puzzle platformers on the market. The fact that there is only one way to sneak past the guards in each of the 30 levels can be hit or miss – there were some truly fantastic levels, while others felt tedious due to the repetition necessary to complete them. Moreover, the simplistic level design and the black silhouettes that constitute the in-game characters do nothing to draw the eye or impress visually. While Vive le Roi offers some fun moments, it does not distinguish itself enough to warrant a glowing recommendation. read more

Phantom Trigger Review for PC

Phantom Trigger is a stylish button mashing brawler that features demons, traps, puzzles, and a little bit of Mystery. Developer Bread Team (Divide by sheep) and publisher Tinybuild (SpeedRunners) have delivered a fun action neon slasher for those looking for a challenge and some callouses. read more

Hypernova: Escape from Hadea Review for PC

A colorful, tech-savvy strategy game, Hypernova: Escape From Hadea is a quest to forge a new civilization on an unexplored world. You must help the Scynthian alien race explore and colonize the hostile moon of Haya, as their original home planet Haldea is in grave danger of being destroyed by the nearby star Naidira. An entertaining combination of tower defense, environmental planning, and zany game design, Hypernova quickly draws you in and holds your interest. read more

Redout: Lightspeed Edition Review for PlayStation 4

The Italian indie developer, 34BigThings, boasts Redout: Lightspeed Edition as the fastest game ever made. With clear inspiration taken from the futuristic racing giants such as F-Zero and Wipeout, Redout respects its rich lineage by leaving it in the dust. The developers are self-proclaimed torch bearers of the anti-gravity racing genre, and their passion to bring the concept into the next generation oozes out of every manically placed turn. read more