Sociable Soccer Review for PC on Steam Early Access

Like em’ or hate em’ Sports games (particularly sports sims) are by and large the biggest earner for the games industry.  With a reliable fan base leading to high sales year over year and the implementation of microtransactions in games like FIFA Ultimate Team, earning over $800 Million in revenue alone for that series, it can be tough for non-sim games to stand out.  However, these types of games that skew reality in favor of making a more surreal experience, are often the ones I come back to playing the most.  Whether it’s Super Tecmo Bowl, NFL Blitz, NBA Jam and other Midway sports titles of old; I generally find more enjoyment in these kinds of games over the realism-focus found in iterative EA Sports and 2k Games titles.  Sociable Soccer, from Tower Games and Combo Breaker, aims to re-capture  this same kind of arcade-focused feeling: simple controls and shorter games.  And for the most part it hits those same old feelings that drew me to those games, but stumbles in a few fundamental and crucial aspects. read more

The Evil Within 2 Review for PC

Video games are the best to feel the actual horror, when you are playing an actual horror game, takes you actually into the world and gives you scares. The Evil Within the first game came out in 2014. I didn’t played it but I did order it recently for my Playstation. Before I could get to that, I got the opportunity to play The Evil Within 2. Ironic that I got the game to play just a couple of weeks before Halloween. The game is developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda. read more

Numantia Review for PlayStation 4

Welcome to ancient Hispania. Developer Recotechnology has reconstructed a bloody terminal on the Spanish peninsula in Numantia, a turn-based strategy game that plays like an ultra-specific RISK expansion. Built on the fantastical historical accounts of an infamous Celtiberian last stand, the campaign has you choosing sides from the start. The Numantian storyline contains defensive and diplomatic decisions paired with brutal, lengthy battles. The Roman option begs for aggressive play and slaughter-style battles. This dichotomy of playstyles retains the game’s freshness as the campaigns are arduous and packed with meticulous skirmishes. read more

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Review for PlayStation 4

With a wild story that constantly surprises, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon makes for a very good RPG. The emphasis on plot allows players to become invested in the game, even in spite of its poor fighting mechanics. The nature of protagonist Aluche’s interactions with the other characters in the game centers around the theme of friendship, causing players to concurrently sympathize with her plight and want to help her rescue her friend Liliana. In the end, the good outweighs the bad in Koei Tecmo Games’s latest creation. read more

Danger Zone Review for Xbox One

            Ever sit in traffic, daydreaming that you could wreck the cars in front of you? Or maybe you’ve wondered how much damage you could cause on the freeway? No, you’re not a psychopath, but I think you might enjoy spending some time in the Danger Zone by developer Three Fields Entertainment. This title is an action, driving, puzzle solver, in which maximum destruction is always the objective. read more

Water Planet Review for PC

Water Planet, by publisher The Revera Corporation and developer VIRGO, is a walking simulator that takes place on a planet made of water and ice. In the game, you walk around and gather crystals and . . .  well, that’s the game. read more

The Coma: Recut Review for PC

For a lot of people school is a source for nightmares and anxiety. That’s no exception for Youngho, a Korean freshman with failing grades. A night of cramming leads him to fall asleep during his exams but when he wakes up something is different. He has awaken in the Coma and he’s not alone. With the help of a mysterious “Ghost Vigilante,” you must guide Youngho through this shadow world and find a way out. This fast paced survival game has you running from your favorite teacher, who now is a knife wielding psychopath controlled by one of the shades. You must fix your grades and get out of this living Hell before your stalker gets you. read more

Conga Master Party Review for Nintendo Switch

It’s time to get down and conga! Developed by Undercoders and published by Rising Star Games, Conga Master Party is a silly little arcade game in which you shake your virtual hips in order to attract fellow dancers and try to create the longest possible conga line behind you. Just choose one of several stylish-looking characters, each sporting different stats, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor! read more

AER – Memories of Old Review for PlayStation 4

The latest from developer Forgotten Key, AER: Memories of Old has found publication through Deadalic Entertainment. An installment dead set on encouraging exploration, the game cuts to the chase by presenting clear goals and infinite routes to completion. Narrative checkpoints do not emulate obnoxious neon, but instead you fortunately stumble upon them. Like a child moving to a new neighborhood, friends are made haphazardly and social paranoia dissipates once a basketball emerges from a garage. read more