Football Manager 2018 Review for PC

Perhaps the most intense of simulators, following the world’s most popular sport, Football Manager 2018 throws you into the deep end for an immersive experience. This title mostly follows all the aspects of football that take place behind the scenes, touching on training, locker room atmosphere, contracting, scheduling, and press releases. I’m sure returning fans of the series may feel at home, but newcomers beware: this is not FIFA and is heavily emphatic on the “manager” part. read more

Battlerite Review for PC

“If Lovin’ You is Battlewrong…”

When juxtaposed against all of the titles Battlerite can be most easily compared to, it seems like a game that would evaporate into obscurity.  Yet when I started the game up, fully expecting an arena fighting riff on the typical MOBA formula to not hold my attention; I was pleasantly surprised with how well-balanced and straight up fun the whole experience turned out to be. read more

King Oddball Review for Nintendo Switch

Mobile games elicit a rather diverse range of opinions. Some view them as consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation while others see them as superficial, money-grubbing time killers at best. Regardless of what you feel about them, there is no denying the mobile market’s wealth of success, which is why Nintendo has recently dipped into it with Super Mario Run. There has also understandably been a recent spate of mobile games ported to home consoles, the Nintendo Switch recently being the most attractive option due to its combination of portability and convenient UI sensibilities. read more

SiNKR Review for Mac

SiNKR by developer Robert Wahler constitutes a good minimalist puzzle game. From truly great level designs to soothing music scores, SiNKR excels at incorporating the constituent elements of its genre into the fabric of its gameplay. Offering a relaxed experience with no timers or move counters, SiNKR allows players to lavish their full attention onto the puzzle facing them. SiNKR also nails the difficulty progression of its levels, starting out slow but quickly working its way to simultaneously being complicated and fun. At its current price of $1, SiNKR is a great value and is definitely worth playing. read more

Strain Tactics Review for iPhone

Touch Dimensions have brought real time ARPG to mobile with Strain Tactics. After a landslide of exposition, you learn that you are a deceased soldier responsible for stifling an alien invasion. You have been revived and recommissioned, because despite your martyred efforts, the Strain has reached your homeland. Your legend has earned you resurrection, but there is no rest for warriors of your breed. read more

Archangel Review for PlayStation VR

Archangel by Skydance Interactive (PWND) is one of the most immersive Virtual Reality (VR) games released to date. Teamed up with a giant mech and a sassy A.I. get driven through a story motivated rail shooter all the while blasting your way through an entire hostile armada. This game is perfect for fulfilling all those mech dreams we’ve been having after Gundam, Metal Gear, and Pacific Rim. read more

No Heroes Here Review for PC

Noobland is in trouble and it’s up the last hero to save it! The hero… just died. Now you must save Noobland from the looming evil and return the relics to the king! Choose from a selection of non-heroes and defend your castles as you move through the three lands in search of the relics. Without the king’s medallion, crown, and teddy bear Noobland is hopeless. No Heroes Here is a fast paced game that keeps you on your toes as you craft canon balls, gunpowder, and an assortment of other tools to stop the enemy from breaching your castle. read more

Ninja Showdown Review for Xbox One

Ninja Shodown is a 2-D arcade hack-and-slash by Bitmat Bureau and Rising Star Games. In the game everything, including your character, dies in one hit. What is annoying about this is that running into an enemy counts as being hit by them. read more