DeadCore Review for Xbox One

DeadCore by 5-Bits Games, is a platform shooter based in a sci-fi world, developed using the Unity3D engine. 5-Bits Games is a developing team of six reigning from France composed of former Ubisoft employees and the founder of Rock Paper Glass. With conceptual art and alpha versions dating back to 2012 and 2013, DeadCore had an official PC release in Q4 2014 and has found its way to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 14th, 2017. read more

Lode Runner Legacy Review for PC

First debuting in 1983, Lode Runner was one of the first platformers to challenge what gamers thought a platformer was through its puzzle-driven style. The game has also historically been interested in creating more features for the player as they were one of the first to include level creation in their games. read more

DEADCORE Review for PlayStation 4

Deadcore is a first-person platformer set in a sci-fi inspired universe. Utilizing jumps and dashes, the player will hop their way to the top of an ominous tower. Originally released in 2014 for PC players, this re-release for current generation consoles brings all of the fun to a new audience. read more

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review for Android

I am usually not a strategy gamer by preference, but the impressive graphics and striking visual design of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire impressed upon me a positive first impression. This new app is a solidly entertaining game of its kind, where the primary objective is to build your own kingdom and strengthen it by completing different quests. These include attacking other empires, fighting monsters, and assisting other online players. The resources that you earn by accomplishing these tasks can be used to upgrade the different parts of your kingdom, and eventually the buildings will start producing resources for itself. Although the gameplay is at times monotonous, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has enough complexity and action to remain interesting. read more

LUNAR BATTLE Preview for iPhone

My experience with Lunar Battle started off pretty shaky, as it crashed on me early on and I had to re-download the game. I felt like if anything this would be fixable, however, as the game was still not released. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and in the end it was more fun than I expected. read more

Goon Squad Preview for iPhone

Goon Squad works extremely well as a game. It runs nicely, gives you a lot in a short time, and is overall a fun experience. All this being said, something really puts a damper on the experience: the aesthetics of the game. There is nothing to secure you to the world the game presents you, and its leaves you feeling somewhat disoriented. read more

ANTIHERO Review for PC

Antihero by Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Tim Conkling, is a turn-based strategy game. Well, it would probably be more accurate to call it a thief-based chess game. The reason I think this is because the game has a tile-based movement system, every match is between two players (or one player and one computer-controlled opponent) who take turns acting, and every unit and system has at least one countermeasure/unit that works against it. Unlike chess, there is no piece that is clearly designated as the king or the queen. read more