GREMLINS, INC. First Print-to-Play DLC Releases Tomorrow, Nov. 22

Gremlins of Clockwork Town, clear the table, bring the snacks and drinks: Gremlins, Inc. – Print & Play DLC, Companion Card Game, the first Print & Play DLC ever released on Steam, arrives tomorrow! Designed by the same twisted and mischievous minds that brought you Gremlins, Inc., the digital board game of strategy and malice, this Companion Card Game is as a set of 129 ready-to-print PDF cards. Set in the same universe, players will have to reach more or less the same goal (reaching a certain score by building your own projects while, hopefully, crushing and humiliating other players’ in your way) but with different game mechanics involved. There are secret and revealed projects; there are 3 types of resources; and there are ways to bluff and attack, which makes for a very hot-blooded game flow (although less random and with a faster pace than the video game). read more

The Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons Official Coaching Team Announced

SHANGHAI — Following the official announcement of the 8-member team in the first gaming season of the the Overwatch League, the Shanghai Dragons have once again brought us the latest news – the official coaching and management team lists. In January, the first gaming season of the the Overwatch League will commence in the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles,where 8 official team members will be led by the coaching and management teams to conquer the international stage of eSports. read more

PlanetSide 2 Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Daybreak Games is excited to share the news that the popular first-person shooter PlanetSide 2 is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. To commemorate the occasion, PlanetSide 2 is offering three different anniversary bundles available for purchase through Nov. 30, a free fifth anniversary decal to all players who use the code “5YearsPS2,” and double XP through Friday, Nov. 24. Members will receive quadruple experience on Friday, Nov. 24, as it overlaps with the Member’s double experience weekend.​ read more

Football Manager 2018 Review for PC

Perhaps the most intense of simulators, following the world’s most popular sport, Football Manager 2018 throws you into the deep end for an immersive experience. This title mostly follows all the aspects of football that take place behind the scenes, touching on training, locker room atmosphere, contracting, scheduling, and press releases. I’m sure returning fans of the series may feel at home, but newcomers beware: this is not FIFA and is heavily emphatic on the “manager” part. read more

A Tale of Two Kingdoms Review for PC

Knights, castles, and sword fights—medieval times have been universally fascinating and appealing almost as long as they have been in existence. A Tale of Two Kingdoms by developer Crystal Shard takes medieval gameplay to the hilt (pun intended), from the music to the dialogue to the setting design. A simple explore-and-combat game, it plays like a classic early video game, where you have to click on the different items in each scene and interact with them in a certain sequence in order to progress to the next chapter. This game may be old fashioned, but it is definitely not easy. You must always make use of your surroundings in each scene, and discovering the solution often requires you to think several steps ahead. These combinations of simplicity and complexity, the familiar and the unknown all contribute to A Tale of Two Kingdoms’ solid credentials as a great game. read more