Zynga Removes Facebook Login Requirement

Reuters reported that “online game publisher Zynga Inc relaunched its website on Thursday, allowing users to play its games without first signing on to Facebook, a significant step toward establishing its independence from Facebook Inc.”
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Final Fantasy 5 Heading to Smartphones

In accordance with a Japanese report that was translated this week, Final Fantasy 5 is planning to release on smartphones in Japan later this month.

Final Fantasy 5 was originally released on SNES but is also available on the PlayStation Network and the Wii U’s Virtual Console. The RPG was ported from its Game Boy Advance version, and will now showcase improved 2D graphics as well as touch screen controls. read more

Chaos Rings II Out Now on Android

Square Enix has released the Android version of Chaos Rings II.

In this direct sequel to the RPG hit, Chaos Rings, The Destroyer has fractured the seal that holds him at bay and threatens the Earth once more. Moments from the brink of destruction, The Creator freezes time, allowing for the Rite of Resealing to be performed so that The Destroyer can be locked away permanently – but not without a cost.’ read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Controller Prototype Unveiled

Samsung has revealed its Galaxy S4 Smartphone last night, as well as a prototype game controller add-on.

The controller features four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and a pair of analogue nubs. It requires AAA batteries to run and it syncs up with a neat arcade app that seems to compile all of your games into a handy tile-based interface. read more