Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game Has a Week Left on Kickstarter, New Details

Fully funded Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game still has one more week left on Kickstarter. Today, the Iron Sky team has added new details to share.

A few years ago, Iron Sky surprised movie-going audiences with its unique mixture of pulp, science fiction and satire. The film managed to haul in several prestigious awards at film festivals and quickly developed into a franchise. With the sequel, Iron Sky The Coming Race, on its way in February, the time was right to start a crowdfunding campaign for a tabletop roleplaying game based on both the first film and a lot of what will happen in the second one. With still 7 days to go, Iron Sky: The Roleplaying Game is already 148% funded. Creator Dirk Vandereyken, former Regional Director for the Roleplaying Game Association Network and author of Baour, Strands of Death and Fates Worse than Death: Hunter, has assembled a team of veteran RPG writers to make sure the roleplaying book and its accessories will not only live up to the films’ high visual standards, but also contain the same kind of tongue-in-cheek humor that has marked the property from its humble beginnings. read more

SCORN First-Person Horror Game Reveals New Trailer, Exclusive Kickstarter Supporter Demo Coming Sept. 22

Kickstarter launched with exclusive supporter demo to follow

Today brings a double whammy of SCORN news, with the first ever uncut gameplay trailer giving a real taste of what lies in store, plus the Kickstarter campaign now live and exclusive supporter demo coming September 22nd. The Kickstarter is being launched to give the team the resources they need to fully realize their nightmare-inducing vision for SCORN, with the first part of the game, entitled DASEIN, to be released in 2018. read more

Exzore: The Rising by Tiny Shark Interactive Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Open world action RPG features realistic character interactions and consequences,mechanical gadgets, modular crafting and more

London, England–August 15, 2017–Tiny Shark Interactive has launched the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming open world action RPG, Exzore: The Rising for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, along with a new trailer for the game. The campaign will run through September 18 and may be found at read more

OKINAWA RUSH Platform/Fighting Game with RPG Elements Needs Your Support on Kickstarter

Developer Steven Miller has begun a funding campaign for his platform/fighting game with RPG elements, Okinawa Rush, on Kickstarter.

Okinawa Rush is inspired by the action arcade games of the early 90’s but with a modern, intuitive, fighting engine, unique features and a constantly evolving character system.One of the core elements of this game is to be able to “parry anything” including traps and projectiles – if timed correctly. read more

DESIGN HERO by Akinaba Already 80% Funded on Kickstarter in First Few Days

Take on the role of a young creative that begins an internship in Jagger & Jones, the best agency in New York. You’ll meet a large cast of interesting characters: Angie Jones, a hardworking but threatening business woman. Yu Watts, a day dreamer introvert otaku/ bookeater. Ronnie Taylor the drama queen, Ruby Wyman the rebel/ music lover, and many more eccentric clients, extras, and cameos! read more